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Modulease manufactures pre-engineered Duraspace modular fiberglass structures that can be used in a wide variety of applications. These pre-engineered modular structures are virtually maintenance free, non-corrosive, chemically resistant, portable and tested to ensure strength against wind and snow loads typical for the North American climate.

Duraspace modular fiberglass building systems are durable and lightweight with pre-drilled components for quick assembly. The units are ideal as they are transportable and they can be expanded easily. As your need grows you can add additional building sections to existing units.

The Duraspace fiberglass modular building systems are manufactured in a multitude of sizes and styles for a wide range of applications with available options such as AC, heat, partition walls, lights, receptacles and windows.

Typical uses are:
  • mini-storage applications, chemical storage, wellhead shelters
  • RTM buildings, injection well covers, secondary treatment system
  • storage buildings, equipment closures, personnel enclosures
  • guardhouses, construction offices, car wash
Re-locatable  •  Customized  •  Maintenance Free  •  Corrosion Resistant
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The floor plans are only a representation of the various mobile and modular buildings. The floor plans will vary according to model and size. Contact Modulease Corporation for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications.

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