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Modulease offers accessories for mobile offices, office trailers, sales offices, prefabricated offices, relocatable classrooms. The accessories for rent include:
  • Ramps - non-slip surface, welded steel construction
  • Stairs - non-slip surface, aluminum construction
  • Tie downs - secures buildings, reduces risk of damage
  • Vinyl Skirting - enhances appearance, reduces risk of damage
  • Window and door bars - protects building and contents, deters theft

Available for immediate delivery For further information call: 508.695.4145 or toll free 800.281.0390

The floor plans are only a representation of the various mobile and modular buildings. The floor plans will vary according to model and size. Contact Modulease Corporation for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications.

The material is the exclusive property of Modulease Corporation and shall not be reproduced, used or disclosed to others except as authorized by the written permission of Modulease Corporation.